December 29, 2016 kirstycooke

Writing articles for British Military Fitness (and loving it)

Another peek behind the very transparent curtain that is my working life! I love sharing my stories of great clients (I’ve been very lucky) and stupendous projects. My December assignment with British Military Fitness was lovely: Speak to some inspiring members of British Military Fitness, the bootcamp-style training and exercise class people, and write up their stories for the BMF Blog.

I wrote 11 stories about people who had found something great from the classes – confidence, new friends, weight loss, huge improvements in overall fitness levels, chronic pain management, and even a spouse.

The idea behind the project? To showcase the real people (like you and me) who also probably thought military fitness classes sounded daunting or weren’t suitable for people like them… and then were proved wrong.

The job was a delight. I got to read snippets of information about interesting people, then call them up and have lovely chats with them about an activity that they truly found life-changing. Then I got to have my fun turning them into blog posts. (Luckily, I typed as they talked, and I managed to get a lot of good stuff completely verbatim.)

The wonderful Marketing Manager at BMF seems very pleased with the results, although the articles haven’t all been published on the website yet. Even better, the members I spoke to have been reminded just how much they love doing what they do, and have enjoyed telling their stories of transformation, love, friendship, self-confidence and happiness. Yay!

Image: BMF