January 14, 2019 kirstycooke

Why I Love Content Marketing, a three-part story

Content marketing may seem like the buzziest phrase in the industry, but in my opinion there are at least three good reasons to embrace it…

1. Why I love content

Content is cool.

I have a love/hate relationship with the WORD content, probably just because it is so overused. I once heard a senior chap at YouTube refer to all the ‘content’ on their ‘platform’ and I was like YOU MEAN VIDEOS. I know journalists who hate having their editorial reduced to ‘content’. Sure, it’s useful to have a nice general term – I create content, not only blog posts – but we should remember to use the specific words when they are relevant.

Anyway, if the word is a bit meh, the thing itself is great. Content sweet content. The written word (my personal fave), animation, infographics, video, podcast… it’s all about conveying complicated ideas in simple and/or stylish ways, and that’s what I am all about.

2. Why I love marketing

We cover things in glitter, and I like glitter.

OK, it’s a business function. It doesn’t ‘tell stories’ or ‘connect people’ or do the lofty things that marketers might like to think it does. We help sell things; often things that you don’t 100% need. We make you think you want something you hadn’t actually heard of before. We make you think that simply by owning (or experiencing, or whatever) the thing we produce, you’ll be a better version of yourself. It can all get a little cynical, and personally I couldn’t work in a company selling turds and lying to people. ‘You can’t polish a turd,’ said a former boss, ‘But you can roll it in glitter.’

Marketing is the most fun team in any company. Fact. Find the right product and the right company, and working in marketing is an absolute dream. It’s creative, clever, fun and a nice mixture of things I love: Words, technology, people, stories, ideas and glitter.

3. Why I love content marketing

Not too hard to put it together now, surely. Take the funnest department in the organisation, focus on the parts that involve writing and reading and talking and actually making stuff, and you’ve found a winner as far as I am concerned. The great news? Content marketing is (in a lot of cases) just another word for marketing. Isn’t PR content? Doesn’t a great advert need some words and possibly pictures? Is that content I smell on your email campaigns, website pages and product descriptions?!

Marketing IS content. Sure, there’s strategic ‘content’ (and it exists whichever part of the marketing team you sit in, btw) but even here you’ve got the chance to take something borderline boring and make a cool narrative from it.

BRB, making an infographic for the next board meeting.

Have I oversimplified it? Said anything unbelievably controversial? Let me know! x