Is the word ‘millennials’ actually useful?

Why does it matter that I am a “millennial”? It’s rare to find me on my soapbox (ha) but one (let’s just say it: insignificant in the grand scheme of things) irritation I’ve nurtured lately is with brands pitching to “millennials.” Millennials will love this, they say. This has been designed and developed with MILLENNIALS in mind. Millennials are super socially conscious and ethical and love having a personalised experience. Do they?  Read more

Yes but what is actually different about how we do marketing?

I read A LOT on the subject of marketing, and see a lot about ‘digital transformation’, ‘disruption’, ‘the rise of big data’, and, y’know, technology trampling all over everything we thought we knew and changing the ‘landscape’ and completely overturning how we market products to consumers. (We don’t! Consumers market products to us now! Wait, what?)
Read more

Brewdog is releasing all its recipes and I could not be happier (and I don’t really drink beer)

I love Brewdog. I enjoy their beers, sure, but generally I am in the ‘wine’ camp (if we have to assemble the human species into drinking camps, which I hope we never have to do).  Read more

How the principles of improvisation apply to marketing

Bear with me people. I really love improv and I’ve been trying to sneak it into every conversation recently. I even gave a little talk in the office the other week, so now I am putting some thoughts on my copywriting blog to see if it works. Ahem. Read more

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