A better way to approach networking

Networking feels like a yucky word, but we all have (and love!) our networks. Your mindset around networking can be hugely helpful in not only enjoying the whole thing more, but getting better results from your efforts.

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Is the word ‘millennials’ actually useful?

Why does it matter that I am a “millennial”? It’s rare to find me on my soapbox (ha) but one (let’s just say it: insignificant in the grand scheme of things) irritation I’ve nurtured lately is with brands pitching to “millennials.” Millennials will love this, they say. This has been designed and developed with MILLENNIALS in mind. Millennials are super socially conscious and ethical and love having a personalised experience. Do they?  Read more

Writing articles for British Military Fitness (and loving it)

Another peek behind the very transparent curtain that is my working life! I love sharing my stories of great clients (I’ve been very lucky) and stupendous projects. My December assignment with British Military Fitness was lovely: Speak to some inspiring members of British Military Fitness, the bootcamp-style training and exercise class people, and write up their stories for the BMF Blog.

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Lessons from Kickstarter…

I heard a busy salesperson today say, ‘Why do they put Christmas at the end of the year?’ It was depressing but prescient: I am simultaneously winding down for the festive season at home, and as busy as the busiest bee doing numerous projects.

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