September 15, 2015 kirstycooke

7 great resources for copywriting

Easing myself into the whole ‘regular blogging’ thing by presenting you with a cheat’s post: a list of links.

As much as I like to think of myself as a content marketing and copywriting expert, the truth is that I rely on a LOT of other sources for advice, help, guidance, inspiration, cat GIFs and even grammar checking (THE TRUTH IS OUT!). Here I present my favourite websites for better copy (for free).

    1. Hemingway. This is amazing. You can type in (or copy and paste) a chunk of text and discover how awful you are at writing, instantly. Well, sort of. The app highlights overly complicated sentences, long words, passive voice and adverbs (yuck!) and also tells you what reading level someone would have to be at in order to understand your missive. SO HANDY.
    2. GrammarGirl.  As well as a site packed with advice on grammar and spelling, Grammar Girl sends regular emails answering language-based questions you never thought to ask.
    3. Economist Style Guide. There are several good style guides available online (another favourite is from the UK Government, would you believe?!) but, as I work in Business to Business marketing, this one speaks directly to my heart and soul. Highlight: the section on Jargon.
    4. HelpScout. This blog post links to other blog posts, so you can start here and spend an hour or two enjoying the wonderful content provided by the lovely people at HelpScout, which is actually a customer service platform thingy. “Make each keystroke count.” Love it.
    5. UberSuggest. Use this free tool to discover what people are searching for online, basically. This is less about developing your writing skills/style and more about acknowledging the ever-present influence of Google in the success or otherwise of your business. Fare thee well!
    6. StickyContent. OK let’s be honest. These guys are the real experts. I particularly enjoy this article with not 1, not 7, but SIXTY FOUR ideas for blog posts. Phew.
    7. Cheese Ipsum. Silly but important.

Any truly awesome sites I’ve missed out? Comment please!