October 20, 2019 kirstycooke

10 awesome things about working from home

Working from home doesn’t work for everyone, but here are some things that make it attractive to me…

If you are fortunate enough to work for yourself, or have lovely modern “flexible” employers, you may while away some of your business hours away from the office. This might be in the comfort of your own home. Ahhh. Isn’t it nice?! For me, as a freelance copywriter, working from the privacy, cosiness and delight of my wee London flat – the Princess Pad – affords me (and, in turn, the people I work for) several crucial benefits…

1. Getting to do the right work at the right times

This may seem obvious, but it is certainly one of the main benefits I enjoy from a WFH day. Is your mind feeling peaceful and ready to take on a mammoth piece of editing? Are you looking for a creative outlet? Buzzing brain that can’t focus? Do the work that suits your mood. And without the constraints of an office schedule, you can do the focused work first thing in the morning when you wake up, or maybe after dinner when you feel suitably energised… it’s totally up to you.

2. Peace and quiet for focused work

Without the hubbub of an “agile” and (let’s face it) noisy, chaotic office space, I find I can take my time, really focus on something, and produce much better work. It may not be true for all home offices, but my flat is as quiet as I need it to be, with as many distractions as I allow…

3. Favoured drinks and snacks

Look, most workplaces are getting pretty good at the old free tea and coffee business. But isn’t it pleasant to be able to make, eat and enjoy exactly what you want, when you want, during the working day? My personal favourite is a flavoured coffee in the morning, and I love to take a little trip to my local bakers for a poppyseed loaf for lunch. I fuel my working-at-home days with the perfect snacks for productive desk-time, without having to wait for someone to bring in cakes.

4. A feeling of power

It’s nice to FEEL like your own boss, the master of your own destiny, even if it isn’t 100% the case. I do work as a freelancer, but have a full-time role as well, so the feeling I have of being fully in charge is slightly misplaced. But looking after my own snacks, schedules and whereabouts – giving a teeny tiny F U to the actual headquarters – certainly FEELS pretty empowering.

5. Views of what I *think* is a palm tree

I have a nice tree outside my window, so that’s nice.

6. Time for life admin and household tasks

Sure, it can be productive to sit with no distractions and crack on with some copywriting of an afternoon. But what’s also nice is being able to switch seamlessly between those paid-for projects and the little tasks that keep building up on the to-do list, and aren’t easily tackled from the office. Pop to the post office; pay in that antiquated cheque at the bank. Take a walk that doesn’t lead you anywhere near a Pret. Put on a wool wash and pray to the laundry gods that the dry-clean-only jumper survives. All fun!

7. Beautiful stationery and accessories

I could bring these to the office. But would there be space in the locker (let’s face it, we are all hot desking) for all the wondrous pink sparkly rainbow (grown-up) stationery items I own. The checklists I make from my living room are a sight to behold, let me tell you. Stickers? Every colour of highlighter? Glitter? Why not.

8. The soundtrack of dreams

My office-based colleagues rightly get a bit peeved if I start blasting Enya through a mini speaker. However, I live on my own, so nobody minds here. Boom.

9. Time saved on commuting (and showering)

I don’t want to seem smug, but my regular commute isn’t actually that long or arduous, although it does involve a small section of the Northern Line (and I never attempt it before 9am). However, I love waking up and just… STARTING. And while it may only be a 35-minute saving on travel time, I am embarrassed by how much time I save by forgoing washing, doing my hair, applying makeup and finding clean clothes.

10. Comfiest workwear EVER

They may not be totally clean, and the jumper may be a tad damaged (damn you laundry gods!), but boy oh boy do my working-at-home outfits help me lean into the day. There are many things that can make working at home tricky, but restrictive clothing won’t be one of them.