September 8, 2016 kirstycooke

September Brand of the Month: Monzo

I am starting a new series where I find my favourite brand doing cool stuff with words. It’s that simple really.

This September, my birthday month if you must know, I am going to have to go with the lovely folks at Mondo, who have recently rebranded as MONZO.

Here is the copy that greets an app user when they open it.






I love this kind of copywriting. Monzo manages to combine quirky – a horrible word, perhaps, so let me know if you have a better one – with clear. The brand’s tone comes through without taking over from the purpose. So much information is conveyed so quickly. They’ve managed to get quite touchy-feely and emotive, too – impressive considering these are just some welcome screens for a banking application.

Can we also talk about the simplicity and fun of this user journey?

Select ‘Freeze your card’ and the card is locked and can’t be used. The visual is a frozen card. The way to unlock it? ‘Defrost your card.’ I love it!





Well done you coral-carded babes.